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Lobbies, Waiting Rooms & Reception Areas

Have a waiting room? Expecting customers or other guests to visit? Make them feel at home with a bottleless water cooler that provides freshly chilled water along with steaming hot water so that they can make a beverage they actually want to drink.When walking into an establishment, the last thing you want to see is a big, blue, bacteria-ridden water cooler. With a modern, unassuming APW bottleless water cooler you will be able to provide comfort along with an icy (or hot), clean glass of water while avoiding all the visual clutter. Whether you’re rich in floor space or have limited counter space, are a small mom-and-pop corporation or a Fortune 500 company; we have the unit that’s perfect for your lobby or waiting room.

First impressions are made in the first seven to seventeen seconds a client enters your establishment. A sleek, low profile, bottleless water cooler will enhance the experience and assure that your first impression is the right one.

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Office Water Cooler Service

Office morale and the health of your coworkers are important for every business, not to mention providing clean drinking water to your employees is a government requirement. By choosing an Advanced Pure Water filtered water cooler for your office, you’re showing your employees you care about their happiness, health and well being as well as supporting green initiatives. With their sleek design and top quality products our business water coolers will surely be a hit in your workplace.

No more frequent trips from the delivery person, periodic cleanings or replacement jug inventory to worry about. Additionally, because you won’t be investing in bottles, your business will be saving money in the long run. It’s a winning scenario for everyone.

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Hospitals & Medical Offices

Hospitals and medical offices need water for their patients, and they need to remain clean and sterile, with minimal outside foot traffic.

The closed systems and automatic self-sanitization features of Advanced Pure Water bottleless water coolers prevent the unpleasant sanitation issues of bottled water. They’re also almost completely hands-free to operate – limiting the intrusions of deliverymen, hand contact with replacement bottles, and cluttered floor spaces.

Put Advanced Pure Water ice and drinking water coolers by each nurses’ station, on ward floors, or in each medical office waiting room. This allows hospital workers and medical staff to provide clean, fresh ice & water to all patients anytime, without the fear of contamination, germs and toxins.

The sleek lines, recessed spigots, and Biocote® antimicrobial coatings of Advanced Pure WaterTitan make it a perfect choice for ward water options.

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Schools, Universities, Classrooms & Campuses

Help your students and staff stay healthy and hydrated with fresh, great-tasting water by giving them an options that tastes good enough to steer them away from the empty calories of sugary sodas. A bottleless cooler also helps teach your students valuable lessons in environmental stewardship, while the low cost of bottleless water coolers will help you meet tight budgets. Be a green school. Help turn your campus green.

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Gyms, Spas, Salons & Health Clubs

Your clients and customers want a great experience – that’s why they come to you. A drinking water dispenser in your spa, gym, salon, or health club is a great way to offer refreshments or rehydrate your health-conscious clientele. If you are considering bottled water, think about how much easier a bottleless water cooler makes your life. It may be a place to exercise, but do you really need to lift that 42 pound water jug? For your environmentally conscious clientele, feel free to brag about the positive impact your bottleless cooler is making. Advanced Pure Water has a unit that’s right for you.

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Lunchrooms & Break Rooms

People head to the break room when they want refreshment. Cold, room temperature, and steaming hot water options are nice to have.  You also want that cooler to be attractive, easy to maintain, and take up a minimal amount of your floor space. It sure would be nice to avoid a corner full of empties. And you NEVER want to run out of water, like you can with bottles.

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Match Your Environment Warehouse

Warehouses & Distribution Centers

Warehouses and distribution centers are busy, high-traffic areas. They are places where things get done quickly and efficiently. You need convenient, refreshing water for your warehouse, and there’s nothing better than a high-capacity Advanced Pure Water water cooler to fit the bill.

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Match Your Environment Industrial

Industrial Settings

Your workforce puts in a lot of hours for you, and you want to treat them well. A bottleless water cooler gives you a cost-effective, low-maintenance way to put great-tasting, pure water at their fingertips.

  • You meet OSHA requirements for drinking water, with a good-tasting product.
  • No worries about workers comp issues from hoisting 42 pound bottled water refills.
  • Lower costs for the front office.

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