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How are Bottomless Water Coolers Installed?

Most APW water system installations are as easy as installing an automatic coffeemaker. Our certified, insured and highly-
trained service professionals install coolers with virtually no disruption to your facility – typically in less than an hour.

How can I install a bottleless cooler when I don’t have a water source near where my coolers go?

Almost every building has water somewhere that can be used as a source for a cooler; it does not have to be close to the cooler location. APW coolers can be installed if there’s water within 200 feet of the location.

Will switching to APW increase our water and electric bills?

Municipal water is typically only 20 gallons per penny. It’s by far your least expensive utility. Adding filtered coolers using will not change your water bill by more than 25 cents TOTAL per month or less than $3.00 for the entire year! The electrical usage is equivalent to energy usage of bottled water coolers and is approximately $3.50/month in electricity.

We have a relationship with our vendor. How do I make the switch to APW?

The advantages of an APW bottleless water cooler (reduced cost, being “green”, flexible contract options, etc.) usually far outweigh a business relationship with any water provider. Try us on for size with a free trial so you can truly compare. We know you’ll love your APW cooler.

I don’t think I’ll be allowed to install a bottleless cooler, in my building. In other words, I think my landlord/facilities manager would say “no”. Am I wrong?

Installing a bottleless water cooler is easier than routing cabling for a new computer installation. It’s fast and easy – once your landlord or facilities manager realizes how simple it is, you won’t have a problem gaining permission. Most landlords consider bottleless water easier on their facility than the constant delivery and movement of heavy bottled water jugs. Facility managers really appreciate the simplicity and the fact there’s no storage space requirement.

Does APW provide residential service?

No, sorry. Right now APW is exclusive to businesses and corporations of all sizes.

How does APW provide service for the water cooler?

All service and maintenance are included in the low flat-rate invoice you receive from us.

What are my payment options?

APW makes every aspect of supplying your office with fresh water as easy as possible. This includes offering ACH or electronic payments so that you can set up payment and forget it. This is another benefit to a fixed payment amount.

I am not the ultimate decision maker. How can APW help me sell in your service to upper management?

Call 877-474-7873 (or use our online form), and one of our sales representatives will generate a simple, effective proposal custom-tailored to your business to help you make the case. In addition, our reps will be happy to walk you, and anyone else in your company, through an online sales presentation. We have a number of compelling and brief online presentations that can show you why bottleless is better, why APW is better, and show how easy our installations are. We are also more than happy to come in for a face-to-face meeting.

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